Nyingma Tsa-tsa Projects

There is widespread and increasing concern for the wellbeing of the environment and the need to care for the planet as a whole, but solutions do not seem readily available. Uncertainty and anxiety are mounting steadily, as each year brings more destructive natural disasters, more human aggression and disease, and more instability and unpredictability.

According to Tibetan Buddhist teachings, at a deeper level, the inner imbalances of mind are the source of the outer mistreatment of all the levels of the earth. The connection between inner and outer realms is much closer than modern people realize, for we have lost the understanding of their interrelation and the ways to create inner and outer harmony.

The ancient Buddhist traditions consider the sacred energies of Dharma symbols to be the physical manifestation of the Enlightened Ones. This perfection of wisdom and compassion manifests in innumerable ways—for example, in shapes and forms, in syllables and sounds—soothing and nourishing sentient beings, rebalancing the environment, and healing the wounds of history. Thus, the vibrations that flow from the symbols can affect the fundamental fabric of our world. The entire environment and its inhabitants are embraced by these secret, invisible forces: the oceans, the land, and the skies, the plants and animals, and each thought that arises in the minds of sentient beings.

TNMC Head Lama has a duty to apply this knowledge for the benefit of all beings.

Although this healing power is beyond the ordinary, rational mind, we know from our own experience how a mysterious, enlivening power flows through medicine; how the finest poetry, art, and music have a magical effect on the body and mind. The aesthetic gesture connects directly to the eye or ear consciousness beyond ordinary words, transporting us to another realm. The beauty of nature affects us in a similar manner, elevating the human spirit above everyday concerns and dispelling the sense of alienation. In a similar way, mantras, symbols, and prayers communicate their messages directly with the heart of each being, harmonizing the elements in accord with the natural order.