Update – Planting seeds of healing 19th January 2018

The event planting seeds of healing is gradually getting shape and form. Even though lots of information is still tentative, we would like to share what is available right now, so you can decide how you would like to participate in the project. We are happy to announce that the exact dates of our project are settled now: The program will start with dinner on April 21st, and will end after breakfast on April 30, 2018. We will be staying in a hotel at Neve Shalom, a community of Israelis and Palestinian Arab citizens of Israel, halfway between Tel Aviv and Jeruzalem. www.weekend.co.il/jerusalem/oasis_of_peace/ About the program: We are in different stages of contact with several places in Israel and Palestine to visit and bury tsa tsas. Most of the sites are linked to layers of pains and sufferings of Israelis and Palestinians and through the history. Please see few of… Read More