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Israel Palestine
21-30 April 2018

Join us on our journey to Israel and Palestine! Meet remarkable men and women, determined to follow their version of a shared existence of Palestinians and Israelis, living and working together, with mutual respect, in dignity. Visit old cities, with eminent historical and religious significance. Experience the feel of this ancient land.

We will bury our tsa tsas here to support a process of healing. So, come with us from the 21st till 30th of April, or donate a tsa tsa.

Your support is greatly appreciated!

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Yes, join us on our trip through Palestine and Israel! Do you always have wished to visit the Holy Land? Experience for yourself the atmosphere and the tremendous energy of this area, packed with relics of more than 10 thousand years of civilization. Prophets walked the earth here, temples were build and destroyed, armies marched and battled, cultures followed one another. Jews, Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs, Europeans, Turks, all left their marks and together created this fantastic environment where so many different traditions are trying hard to find a way to live peacefully together.

As politics did not prove to be so effective in this process, some brave people just took action on their own, following their impulse to alleviate the suffering of others. Some of these true human beings you are going to meet. Like Na'im El Bayde, the coordinator of Road to Recovery, an organization of volunteers that transports sick Palestinians from the checkpoints to hospitals in Israel and back, and Yuval, the founder of that organization.

Or like Robi and Bassam, an Israeli mother and a Palestinian father, from the Parents Circle Families Forum, who both lost a child during the endless conflicts: our power is our pain.

Or the family Nassar, with their project “ Tent of Nations”, and their motto: we refuse to be enemies. Just a few examples of the many really remarkable people we will encounter and who will open our hearts.

You will visit cities like Jericho, Bethlehem and, of course Jerusalem. We will experience that city from the perspective of the different religions, and from the vantage point of science as well! Really interesting.

And that stunning nature! The Mediterranean, the desert, the mountains, the Jordan river, it's all there. The fragrances, the views, tastes, all the senses will be stimulated.

To support these activities of improving conditions for everyone, we will be burying tsa tsa's, symbols of enlightened energy, a tradition originating from ancient Tibet. Their capacity to balance the elements and generate a field of healing energy will give all those activities a gentle lift. We will perform the ceremonies with followers of as many different traditions as we can get a hold on, trusting to possibly amplify the effectiveness of the tsa tsa's. The donations will be dedicated to the Yeshe De Text project. ( you'll find more information elsewhere on this website)

What more is there to say? Life presents this beautiful opportunity, so come, add your energy to it.

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