Planting Seeds of Healing

Do you feel that past suffering have an impact on our present life and shape our future?

Are you wondering how your past suffering can be transformed into a more positive outlook on life?

We invite you to take part in the Planting Seeds of Healing. This project is based on the Tibetan Buddhist wisdom of the healing power of sacred art. Tsa-tsas are like small clay stupas covered with sacred symbols and empowered with mantras inside. These tsa-tsas are buried in areas that have been subjected to pain and suffering which were inflicted either by nature or by man. Our intention is to transform the energy of these places and our hearts and minds and restore peace and harmony.

Current project:
Our present project is at Auschwitz-Birkenau. You can read more about this project and take part in several ways, such as joining the cycle of positive action, by praying and/or meditating or by attending the Planting Seeds of Healing events.